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FACTS Finding Mission

What do you know about the UGA Libraries?

S — Savings to students by making learning more affordable

3rd  floor east wing Tech Lending Desk (3East)

Tech Lending provides short-term loans of the technology you need. A loan that is free, not a rental! Check out a laptop for two days or a digital camera for a week. We also have accessories including tripods, mics, and a variety of camera lens. Express yourself for free! 

This equipment is available to all UGA students. Be kind and share by returning what you borrow on time. (Return or renew on time to keep it free and avoid overdue charges.)

There is also a Swap Shop on 2West where you can pick up housewares or office goods for free or drop off what you don’t need.  Did we mention that the friendly assistance – librarians, tutoring, writing center – is all at no charge?  The MLC saves you money!

Well done! You’ve completed our scavenger hunt.

Take a break in the study spaces outside. You've done a lot of walking and still haven’t seen it all. The 1st floor is all classrooms and the 4th floor has a lot of quiet group and individual study spaces. Come back and find what you like about the MLC!

Most of all, we hope you learned we’re here to help! Keep our FACTS in mind whenever you need us during your academic journey at UGA.

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