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FACTS Finding Mission

What do you know about the UGA Libraries?

Welcome to the Miller Learning Center!

The Miller Learning Center (MLC) is the most-visited academic building on campus*. At 200,000 square feet with eight entrances, study seating for 2500 students and 27 classrooms, there is a lot to find. 

On of the MLC's lesser-known FACTS is that we are part of the UGA Libraries.** Where are the books, you say?  Libraries are more than books, we are committed to  providing you with FACTS. On this mission we will tell you what that means and how the MLC supports your studies. Oh, and we will even tell you where we hide the books. 

Let's start finding FACTS! Begin with F. Hint: The 2nd floor entrance off of the bridge to the Tate center is the only entrance open after midnight. 

*The Tate Center is busier, but they have the Bulldog food court so it isn't really a fair competition. 
**The MLC operates as a partnership between the UGA Libraries, Enterprise Information Technology (EITS), and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), in collaboration with other units on campus so that we can bring you FACTS to support your studies. More on that later. Find the F near the Security Desk on the 2nd floor.