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FACTS Finding Mission

What do you know about the UGA Libraries?

T — Tech and labs to take your projects to the next level

Go to the 3rd floor to see the DigiLab on the north side

The Willson Center Digital Humanities Lab, known as the DigiLab, is the hub for digital humanities on campus. The 20 computers are equipped with special software such as Adobe Creative Suite and are available to anyone when not in use for a class. Look for their workshops on data visualization, text mining, and other topics throughout the year.

How low can you go? Head to the sub-basement to see the GIS Lab (in the Map & Government Information Library/MAGIL)

The GIS (Geographic Information System) Lab features computers and software (and assistance) to create maps from your data. The lab is open to all during MAGIL operating hours and they offer GIS workshops, too. Take a look at MAGIL's maps, globes, and aerial photos while you are here.

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