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FYOS 1001 - History of Plant Diseases and Their Impact on Human Societies

This guide is intended to help students with their research and group work in Dr. Brannen's FYO course.

BBC Films: The Great Famine and the Black Death

59 minute video exploring English Villages and individuals to better understand the Great Famine and the Black Death. To watch click here.

Places to Search

Make the most out of your searching using search operators. Quick guide here!

Starter Kit Resources : Journal Articles

The following journal articles can be found using multi-search. Copy and paste the Title of the article into multi-search to find full-text of the article. If you are working from off campus, make sure to click on the yellow rectangle bar at the top of the multi-search page to sign-in!

These are a few articles to get you started:

Appleby, A. B. (1980). Epidemics and famine in the little ice age. The Journal of interdisciplinary history, 10(4), 643-663.

Chakraborty, S., & Newton, A. C. (2011). Climate change, plant diseases and food security: an overview. Plant Pathology, 60(1), 2-14.

Lucas, H. S. (1930). The great European famine of 1315, 1316, and 1317. Speculum, 5(4), 343-377.

Russell, J. C. (1966). Effects of pestilence and plague, 1315–1385. Comparative Studies in Society and History, 8(4), 464-473.

Start Kit Resources : eBooks

eBooks can be accessed from on campus or at home. You can search for ebooks using the "Books & More" tab on the homepage.

"Books & More" : GIL-Find Catalog :: Search the UGA Libraries' collections of books, movies, e-books, and more. To find books on a person or organization, go to the Advanced Search, and search for subject such as "the great famine"

*Finding eBooks

After searching in gil-find catalog, go to the left hand side. Under Availability, select Full Access Online and under Format, select Book, then select the green Apply Filter button.

Below are a couple of eBooks to get you started, but there are many more out there!

Famines During the 'Little Ice Age' (1300-1800) Socionatural Entanglements in Premodern Societies (2018) edited by Dominik Collet, Maximilian Schuh

Farming, Famine and Plague The Impact of Climate in Late Medieval England (2017) by Kathleen Pribyl