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Endnote & RefWorks: Transferring between RefWorks and Endnote

Transferring from RefWorks to Endnote

First, you want to export your citations in RefWorks to a .txt file.  


rw to en 1


Second, choose “Bibliographic Software” as the Export Format, and click export.  The easiest thing to do is email this .txt file to your friend directly.


 rw to en 3


Once your friend gets the .txt file, here is how to get it into RefWorks.


Open up an Endnote Library.  Click on File, Import, then File.

 rw to en 3


Browse to the saved .txt file.  Choose Tab Delimited as the Import Option.  Click Import.


 rw to en 4

Transferring from Endnote to RefWorks

To transfer from Endnote to RefWorks, first log into your RefWorks account.

Click on  "References" in the RefWorks menu, and then mouse down to "Import."

Click on "From Endnote Database."  Click on choose file, and navigate to where your Endnote Library is stored on your computer.  Click on "Import" button.

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